Untitled [Ornamentik variant] (1981?)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 120 x 200
Collection unknown

This canvas, a smaller variant of Ornamentik (1981), was first documented at auction with Christie’s in 2004, when its authenticity was vouched for by Arkley author Ashley Crawford.

At the 2004 auction, it was oriented horizontally (like the other canvas mentioned), as shown here. When it appeared at auction again in 2020 and 2021, a vertical orientation was indicated, but there appears to be no particular basis for this; there are no inscriptions.

Thanks to Geoffrey Smith, Chairman, Smith & Singer, for clarifying aspects of the history of this work (email correspondence, October 2021).


  • P/C Melb. (from the artist c.1980, acc.to Christie’s 5/04)
  • auctioned by Christie’s, Melb., 3-4 May 2004 (as ‘Untitled, c.1980’; as 120 x 199.4, ill.; est.$25-35,000; not sold)
  • auctioned by Smith & Singer, Sydney, 18 Nov.2020, lot 46, as Ornamentik (1981), 200 x 120; ill.as shown here, but oriented vertically; est.$80-120,000; not sold)
  • unknown owner (purchased from the above after the Nov.2020 auction)
  • auctioned by Christian McCann Auctions, Abbotsford, 21 March 2021, lot 164 (as Ornamentik 1981, 200 x 120; est.$100-150,000; not sold)