Primitive Gold (?) (1984)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, c.105 x 105

Coll.: unknown

The only source for this work, evidently a smaller variant of Primitive Gold 1982, is an undated file photo in Arkley’s archive, showing part of the work in a domestic setting (detail as reproduced here).

In the first edition of this catalogue (June 2010), a date of 1981 was suggested, implying that it may have been the twin of the painting now catalogued as Figurative 1981. However, it now seems more likely that it formed a pair with Primitive Silver 1984; both works were possibly shown together in HA Quentin 2/85 (but see that exhibition entry for other possibilities).


  • unknown


  • (possibly)  HA Quentin 2/85, cat.6, as ‘Primitive Gold’ (no other details or photo available)