Psychedelic Painting (1978)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 204 x 160 {?}

Coll.: unknown

A larger picture based on the same pattern as Psychedelic 1979, also shown in Arkley’s Coventry exhibition in 1980. Arkley’s archive contains a slide of the present work with process date Jun78, and a photo of the artist standing in front of it at the Coventry Gallery in March 1980 (see exhibition entry). The subsequent history of the painting is unknown.

Several works on paper are related to both the smaller canvas and the present work, the closest being a 2-part drawing preserved in the artist’s archive (SLV MS 14217/1/655: reproduced in Fitzpatrick & Lynn 2015, p.46). See also Psychedelic Painting [study] 1978 [W/P].


  • unknown


  • HA Coventry 3/80, cat.10 (details as above; priced at $900)