Oriental Recording (1977?)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, {size unknown}

Coll.: unknown

Unidentified work.

A canvas with this title, entered by Arkley in the 1977 Corio Whisky Prize, was praised by reviewer Graeme Sturgeon in the Australian as ‘an outstanding work of great refinement and subtlety’; the critic described the work as ‘an all-white canvas delicately marked with a few dark spray painted zig-zags’.

Unfortunately, no photographs can be linked definitively with the painting, and Sturgeon’s description leaves its identification uncertain. Possibly identical with one of the other early canvases catalogued here.


  • unknown


  • Corio Whisky Prize, Geelong Art Gallery, 1977 (no details available)


  • Sturgeon 1977 (Corio Whisky Prize exh.review), quoted above