Futurist with Dots (1979)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, c.203.6 x 78.6

Coll.: unknown

This painting, an elaboration of Curvelinear 1978, was shown in HA Coventry 3/80 (also the date of Arkley’s archive slides), and later reproduced in Janine Burke’s 1981 Art & Australia article on recent Australian abstract painting.

Arkley subsequently developed the same formal idea – a complex combination of passages of grey brushwork under a grid of sprayed dots, with a second, diagonally oriented grid of squares finely outlined in red – on a larger scale, in The Proton-Neutron 1980.


  • unknown


  • HA Coventry, 3/80, cat.12


  • Burke 1981, p.370 (B&W ill.; dated 1979)