Curvelinear 1978

Alternate title: Futurist

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 204 x 78.5

signed, dated and titled [on reverse: ‘Howard Arkley 78 / Title Curvelinear’ – Monash]

Private collection, Melbourne

This work, first shown at Tolarno in 1979 as Futurist, and subsequently inscribed with its present title, should be distinguished from several paintings with similar titles and/or compositions, including Arabesque 1979 [aka Curvilinear]Curvilinear Painting (1978), Curvilinear with Grid 1978, Futurist with Dots (1980) and The Proton Neutron 1980.

Here, a fine diagonal lattice in dark red subtly underpins the curved lines and broadly sprayed monochrome shading.


  • P/C Melb.
  • on loan to Monash University c.1994-5 (see Exhibition details below)


  • HA Tolarno 5/79, cat.3 (as ‘Futurist’)
  • Monash Uni.Gallery, Nov.1994-Feb.1995 (‘Tableaux’), cat.1: as Curvelinear, on loan from Melb. P/C; size etc. noted as above


  • Spray 30 (ill.: as ‘Futurist’)