Untitled [A77] (c.1974-76) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint and ink on paper, c.31.8 x 25.3 (sheet)

Private collection, Melbourne

One of the sequence of ‘white’ drawings shown in the 2006-7 Arkley retrospective. The composition, comprising sprayed and drawn lines, is reminiscent of several ‘white’ canvases, e.g. Stroke (1975). Several larger-scale ‘white’ drawings are also comparable, e.g. Untitled [W38] 1974 [W/P] (recto).

= ‘White’ W/P cat.no.98 [previous no.91]


  • artist’s collection (no.A77)


  • HA NGVA 2006-7 (‘Studies 1974’ [1-20], #5; shown in Melbourne only)