Untitled [W1] 1974 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint, pen and pencil on paper, 30.3 x 37.8 (sheet)

dated 1974 [inscribed at lower margin: ‘First Second group of studies 1974. Nearly all other examples lost destored {sic} not sold / must keep for myself’]

Private collection, Melbourne

This drawing, typical of others from the period in which short sprayed lines are grouped in bunches, was one of 20 smaller ‘white’ drawings included in the 2006 Arkley retrospective at the NGV.

The inscription identifies this work as from a series dating from 1974. There is a slide in Arkley’s archive.

= ‘White’ W/P cat.no.97


  • artist’s collection (no.W1)


  • HA NGVA 2006-7 (‘Studies 1974’ [1-20], #1; shown in Melbourne only)